So the Pistons may not move downtown this season after all



The anticipated move to the new Little Caesars Arena this upcoming season may be in some serious jeopardy.

According to Detroit Pistons chief financial officer Greg Campbell, the team’s planned move back Downtown for the 2017-18 campaign may be derailed by a lawsuit filed in federal court on June 1st. The litigation filed by activist Robert Davis and City Clerk candidate D. Etta Wilcoxon states the Little Caesars Arena shouldn’t be funded with public money unless the it is put to a vote in front of the citizens of Detroit.

So how does this play into the move itself? Especially since plenty of professional sports team have given the finger to anyone in the public raising an issue with City money being thrown at shiny new arena’s instead of school’s that are literally falling apart. Well the NBA‘s Board of Governors may be less willing to approve such a move with the threat of a lawsuit on the hands of one of their franchises.

Per the Detroit Free Press

“This uncertainty creates material financial risk to the Pistons and may affect the NBA’s evaluation of, and willingness to vote upon or approve of, the Pistons’ proposed relocation,” Campbell said in the affidavit. “The Pistons’ proposed relocation from Auburn Hills to the city remains subject to the approval of the National Basketball Association and its Board of Governors.”

The NBA plans to vote on the Pistons’ move back to Detroit on July 11th so there’s still time to come to some sort of settlement since there’s probably zero time to organize a city-wide vote before the second week of July. Meanwhile the City of Detroit and City Council filed a motion last week to have the lawsuit thrown out claiming it was “frivolous”.

Either way, the Pistons’ move back to Detroit is inevitable. Despite the bit of concern imitating from the organization, if for some reason it doesn’t happen before this season it will happen the next. Money seems to silence many and there’s plenty of long-term money on the line for the City when it comes to the Pistons making that return to Detroit.

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