Miguel Cabrera’s Babies Mama is suing him over child support


Miguel Cabrera

Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera‘s personal life has been pretty well documented in the past. Whether it be teasing fat kids in a hotel lobby, threatening to blow up a restaurant in some drunken tirade or perceived marital problems that resulted in scratches on his face that he blamed on the family dog, Tigers fans have been familiar with Cabrera’s off-the-field drama, something he’s been able to firmly put behind him.

That is until Friday night when Tony Paul of the Detroit News blew the lid on Cabrera’s latest personal matter involving two kids, his apparent Babies Mama and child support payments.

According to Paul, the former Triple-Crown winner and two-time AL MVP, Cabrera is being sued by Belkis Mariela Rodriguez, a 35-year-old florist in Orlando who apparently birthed two of the Tigers’ first baseman’s kids. The suit alleges the $6,200 a month Cabrera is forking over in child support payments isn’t enough while Rodriguez is seeking a monetary amount that could cost the former All-Star in upwards of $100,000 dollars a month. Moreover, what may be substantial in the ongoing proceedings is the fact that in addition to the monthly child support payments, Cabrera also helped Rodriguez purchase a $1 million dollar home in Orlando.

Via the Detroit News:

Belkis Mariela Rodriguez, 35, of Orlando, sued Cabrera in Florida in August after the Tigers first baseman allegedly slashed child-support payments, a move that coincided with the Tigers veteran helping her buy a nearly $1 million home earlier this year. Cabrera is one of the world’s wealthiest athletes, earning more than $30 million a year, but is fighting over how much money the children should receive.

Cabrera, 34, wants paternity tests conducted on the children, born in 2013 and 2015, and has accused Rodriguez of extorting him, according to court records. It’s unclear if those tests have been administered. Cabrera currently is paying her more than $6,200 a month.

Furthermore on that house, Rodriguez claims that after Cabrera helped her purchase it, the Tigers first baseman left her “high and dry” when it came to the payments. Rodriguez apparently took out a $739,000 mortgage on the 3,704-square-foot home with five bedrooms, six baths, a private pool, outdoor kitchen and three-car garage while claiming to make just $2,000 a month at her florist gig.

Miguel Cabrera

Detroit News

Rodriguez and her lawyers contend the $6,200 in an “inadequate” amount of money for Cabrera to pay monthly. Essentially Rodriguez is looking for her two kids with Cabrera to live out the same type of lifestyle his other three kids currently have with his wife of 15 years Rosangel.

Miguel Cabrera

Detroit News via Facebook

Meanwhile, Cabrera’s lawyers are arguing that Rodriguez is “embarking on a mission to extort additional moneys to be used for her benefit under the guise of child support” according to court filings in Orange County, Florida.

With that in mind, Rodriguez’s Gucci bags, expensive home and the fact that she seemingly followed Cabrera around on the road at some points during the season may suggest just that, especially when you consider her monthly net earnings.

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