Miguel Cabrera is pissed after the MLB hands down their suspensions to the Tigers and Yankees



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Major League Baseball has handed down their list of fines and suspensions to the Tigers and Yankees after yesterday’s games between the two teams that would’ve left Dana White and Vince McMahon clamoring for a sequel.

In total five players were suspended, five Tigers and two Yankees according to MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre.

  • Miguel Cabrera (seven games): Cabrera received the biggest punishment after apparently inciting the brawl when he pushed and swung at Yankees catcher Austin Romine.
  • Gary Sanchez (four games): Although he wasn’t originally thrown out of yesterday’s game, Sanchez was caught on video taking swings at Cabrera while the Detroit slugger was pinned to the ground.
  • Alex Wilson (four games): After warnings were given to both teams, Alex Wilson threw at Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier, a move he would admit after the game was intentional.
  • Austin Romine (two games): For the original scrum with Miguel Cabrera.
  • Brad Ausmus (one-game): Ausmus was handed a one-game ban for Wilson’s actions when warnings were given.

Furthermore, all five of the players according to the Detroit News received undisclosed fines. This also included Yankees manager Joe Girardi, Yankees bench coach/acting manager Rob Thomson, Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner, Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle and Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias. Also, Yankees first baseman Garrett Cooper and outfielder Clint Frazier received fines for entering the field during the brawl when they were on the disabled list.

Pending appeals all suspensions will be effective immediately. As far as Ausmus goes, he will serve his one game suspension whenever Alex Wilson sits as a result of the penalty. If Wilson decides to appeal, Ausmus will wait until that appeal is either heard or dropped.

Meanwhile, Cabrera wasn’t happy with how things transpired with the suspensions, and for good reason.

First, Dellin Betances received nothing when he was the only guy who could’ve very well have killed someone when he hit James McCann in the head on a high 90’s fastball. Betances denied it being an intentional act however Jeff Passan seemed to be on top of the New York reliever and his utter bullshit.

If that’s the case, though, it is one hell of a coincidence. Because here’s the reality about Dellin Betances: Coming into Thursday, he had thrown 1,396 fastballs against right-handed hitters in his career, according to Brooks Baseball. And how many had hit the batter?


That’s upward of 300 plate appearances, and exactly one hit by pitch with a fastball. Not just in the head. No. One right-handed batter – Jeff Francoeur, on the upper left arm, June 23, 2015, more than 20 pitches into an outing – hit by a Dellin Betances fastball, period.

But back to Cabrera… His distaste resided more on the side of Aaron Judge not seeing any kind of punishment after the Tigers first baseman accused the Yankees outfielder of punching him when he was on the ground.

“My point is, why don’t they say anything about Judge?” Cabrera said. “He tried to hit me in the throat. Why is he not suspended?

“I’m not surprised (by the suspension). It’s MLB, they do what they want. I don’t have control. But be fair.

“See the video. See the people who threw punches and went after me when I was on the floor.

“I’m not asking for them to give me less (games). I’m OK with that. I take responsibility. But, come on.”

In retrospect these are pretty standard suspensions when it comes to the MLB. Then again though that’s part of the problem. These players make too much money and the season is far too long for punishments like these to have any substantial impact to the point where it changes the minds and actions of the guys on the field.

Especially in Betances’ case…

I mean I don’t think it’s any kind of nonsensical stretch to say he could’ve intentionally ended the career, livelihood or the life of McCann.

What a fucking joke.

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