Lions TE Eric Ebron and Giants S Landon Collins are having a little Twitter feud


Eric Ebron

Lions tight end Eric Ebron and New York Giants safety Landon Collins have apparently carried over an on-the-field feud over to social media.

From the looks of things, the beef stemmed from a big hit Collins laid on Ebron during Monday night’s game, a hit that didn’t sit very well with the Lions TE. In fact Ebron didn’t mince words when describing what the thought about the New York defensive back.

“I was [expletive] off,” Ebron told The Detroit News. “I was [expletive] off at that little punk of a safety they’ve got over there.” (via GiantsWire)

That comment however wasn’t a total slight at Collins. Aside from the “little punk of a safefy” mention, Ebron was actually pretty complimentary of Collins.

“Collins, he played a good game, that hit just [expletive] me off and I didn’t feel like celebrating,” Ebron said. “I wasn’t in that kind of joyful mood. It was still a good game. He played his butt off trying to guard me. I commend him for that.”

However Ebron’s initial comments towards Collins stood out with him.

And here’s how Ebron responded:

There’s obviously been better Twitter dust ups but anyone which one involving a Lions player is going to be little interesting. For the sake of pure entertainment I hope this continues.

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