LeBron James wanted the Pistons and Cavs to swap ownership


LeBron James

LeBron James apparently proposed a bombshell and quite absurd notion regarding the Pistons and Cavaliers.

According to Dan Patrick who cited a source with “firsthand knowledge of the situation,” LeBron James wanted current Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to buy the Pistons and Tom Gores to take over the Cavaliers. Additionally, James apparently wanted Tom Izzo to assume the coaching head coaching responsibilities for the team in 2010 which was in the wake of Mike Brown getting fired.

All this because LeBron didn’t want to play for a team owned by Gilbert.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

“So what I was told to me last night is … LeBron was willing to go back to Cleveland, but he wanted the Cavaliers’ ownership to buy the Pistons, and the Pistons’ ownership would take over the Cavaliers,” Patrick said on his radio show. “You were going to have Tom Izzo coaching.

“Izzo, friends with the guys who own the Pistons, they were then going to take over the Cavaliers. Dan Gilbert, who’s a Michigan guy, would get to then own the Pistons. And LeBron would then be able to play in Cleveland for the ownership of the Pistons as opposed to Dan (Gilbert).”

Slamonline.com makes mention that a change in ownership has taken place in the NBA before. Back in 1978 the Clippers and Celtics did exactly that which seems odd considering the direction of each of the two franchises over the course of 30 plus years. However the absurdity in this instance lies in the facts that NBA ownership I’m sure is much more complex nowadays, so much so that I’m sure a change in ownership couldn’t happen over the course of an offseason. Assuming that is the paper work filing process would probably take months on end.

Plus is LeBron really that good? So good he could actually get owners to swap teams? Not to mention what would the incentive be to Gilbert to sell the Cavs? Just because he owns a bunch of buildings in Detroit?

I’m going to call bullshit on this rumor, despite LeBron jetting Cleveland not long after this supposed idea took place. It’s still fun to consider though.

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