The Tigers traded Justin Verlander to the Astros after all (UPDATING)


Justin Verlander

UPDATE: USA Today is reporting the Tigers will pay $8 million of Verlander’s salary in 2018 and 2019.

UPDATE: So I guess after some last minute convincing, the Tigers and Astros did in fact complete the deal to send Justin Verlander to Houston.

This is per Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports.


It looks like the original return is still in place, so the Tigers will get the Astros’ third best prospect in RHP Franklin Perez, their ninth best prospect in outfielder Daz Cameron and their 11th best prospect in catcher Jake Rodgers.

Like we mentioned below, Verlander had to sign off on the deal given his full no-trade clause which he now loses with the the trade.

At this point it’s unclear if any money is trading hands. I’m assuming it will but stay tuned.

In a last ditch effort to unload Justin Verlander‘s contract to the Astros, the Tigers ace just unleashed his best Lee Corso impression and said NOT SO FAST!

With a trade seemingly laid out and agreed too between Detroit and Houston, JV enacted his full no-trade clause and effectively nixed the deal per Bob Nightengale of USA Today via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News.


The downside to this is Franklin Perez and Daz Cameron are both top 10 prospects within the Astros’ system. Perez is a top three guy while Jake Rodgers – if he was going to be included – is a top 15.


The upside is the Tigers’ didn’t have to make a trade today if a deal was indeed on the table. Not to mention Detroit can once again kickstart the trade talks this winter and perhaps work with Verlander to get something done. Assuming JV finishes the season strong there’s no reason the Tigers shouldn’t get similar value once again this offseason.

Then again the ball will entirely be in Verlander’s court with those 10-and-5 rights.



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