Jim Caldwell’s future with the Lions is in question with an extension that runs only through 2018


That long term Lions commitment to head coach Jim Caldwell doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Caldwell’s extension with the Lions only lasts through next season with an option for 2019.

In fact, Caldwell’s extension is merely for one year, sources say, with an option following next season. Rather than lock him in for the future, it simply prevents Caldwell from being a lame duck coach this season. The Lions haven’t made a decision on Caldwell’s future, nor will they until this season ends. But the contract extension he received won’t factor into it.

Caldwell originally received what was said to be a multi year extension with the Lions back in September leading many to believe his job was safe beyond 2018. However Detroit’s recent slide and growing chance of another year of missing the playoffs has left Bob Quinn reevaluating Caldwell’s future with the team. So much so word out of Allen Park is that Caldwell’s status as head coach will be determined at the end of the season with his extension baring zero impact on the team’s ultimate decision. Likewise a one to two year buyout seems much easier to swallow for the front office than anything beyond that.

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