Jim Caldwell sucks


Jim Caldwell

The Lions had their three-game winning streak snapped this afternoon after a 20-13 loss to the Houston Texans.

And no, judging from the title, I’m not placing all of the blame on the ineptitude of one Lions head coach. The defense was an abomination in and of itself, especially when it was tasked with coming up with key stops at opportune times.

But as he’s done many a time during his tenure here with the Lions, Jim Caldwell was the biggest reason why the Lions came out as losers today in Houston.

It also came in tremendous Lions fashion as well.

Think about it. The team was riding a three-game winning streak, Matthew Stafford was in the MVP discussion and Caldwell, face and all was actually working himself off the hot seat.

Then BAM! Back down to reality… Lions fans once again realized they have a head coach who may be the worst in all of football.

It’s true. It’s damn true. Not challenging a fumble in the second quarter that eventually led to a Texans field goal. Then the kicker (no pun intended), opting to go for the the onside kick with just under three minutes remaining and all your timeouts left… Are you fucking kidding me?!

Yeah the defense was awful today but you’re gotta at least give yourself a chance to pull this one out. Not to mention it’s not like you’re going up against Tom Brady on the other end, it’s Brock freaking Osweiler, a guy who was lambasted by Rodney Harrison a couple of weeks ago because he very well may be the Jim Caldwell of NFL quarterbacks.

Or if you’re going to do the onside kick with all of your timeouts left – and I’m not saying this is what should’ve been done – but don’t you go for the touchdown on the previous possession instead of opting for the field goal?

I’m also sure that Monday presser will great when this dullard continues to pretend like he’s the smartest guy in the room. Next up I guess is yelling shit at fans on the sidelines to fully embody yourself as a terrible Lions head coach.

Anyways, in order to make this a more traditional game recap here are some stats, Stafford was 27/41 for 240 yards and a touchdown. Theo Riddick had 11 carries for 56 yards on the ground to go with his 77 yards through the air and one touchdown. Eric Ebron had 10 receptions for 79 yards and Jim Caldwell is probably still going to be the head coach heading into next weekend.

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