Golden Tate already wants a contract extension from the Lions



Julian Edelman‘s contract extension with the Patriots has apparently set into motion the desire for fringe number one receivers to get their early pay day.

Take Lions wide out Golden Tate who Thursday night expressed his desire for Detroit to do him a solid and extend his stay in the Motor City.

Tate further highlights a tweet from which places him at the top in terms of wide-outs with the most forced missed tackles since 2014.

There’s no question forcing missed tackles is among Tate’s biggest assets as a wide receiver. Although helpful, I don’t think anyone needed a PFF graphic to reassure that particular skill set of Tate. However PFF also graded the Lions wide receiver with a total score 73.6 in 2016 which is “average” according to the website.

Not to say the Lions at some point shouldn’t explore the idea of extending Tate considering his effectiveness after the catch and the fact he’s caught 90 plus passes in each of his past three seasons. However he did sign a five-year, $31 million dollar deal back in 2014 with the Lions meaning his still has two years left on his deal. Not to mention he’s coming off an underwhelming 2016 and is 28-years old meaning he’ll be on the wrong side of 30 once that new contract goes into play. Plus Matthew Stafford will be in line for a new deal here too which is something that’ll more than likely take priority over anything else in the front office.

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