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Detroit Lions file police report on Detroit Sports blogger Jeff Moss



Detroit Sports blogger Jeff Moss of the Detroit Sports Rag isn’t one to pull any punches when discussing not only the local teams but media personalities as well. But it’s not just guys like Jim Leyland or Terry Foster who get hellfire from Mr. Moss, front office personal and ownership are in no way immune from the web onslaughts of the Detroit Sports Rag.

Apparently though Moss stepped over the line last week when he sent a tweet to Chrissie Wywrot, editor of asking for a picture of William Clay Ford Sr. and Tim Twentyman photoshopped in a casket.

And it was because of the tweet, Moss found himself contacted by the Allen Park Police Department after the Detroit Lions filed a police report against him the News-Herald reports (via Awful Announcing):

The incident in question happened Jan. 16 when Jeff Moss, 41, replied to a tweet sent out by website editor Chrissie Wywrot. He asked her to Photoshop an image of Lions owner William Clay Ford Sr. and Tim Twentyman, a reporter for, in a casket.

Representatives from the team did not respond to multiple requests for comment regarding the incident with Moss, editor of the website, The Detroit Sports Rag.

The full tweet said, @Chrissie5213 Can you make me a PhotoShop of William Clay Ford, Sr. and Tim Twentyman in a casket? Thanks ahead of time.”

Was the tweet in bad taste? Perhaps but there’s also a few things to consider. First, Moss like a number of others weren’t too happy with the Jim Caldwell hire by the Lions. He made that very apparent well before he made the tweet in question to Wywrot. Just check his Twitter feed.

Second Moss followed up his first tweet to Wywrot with this less threatening one:

But where the Lions really taking Moss’ tweet seriously?

Probably not considering they waited almost two weeks (11 day to be exact) to file that police report. Not to mention you’d have to think that the Lions’ endured far worse on social media right after their clown show of a season pretty much came to an end in week 17 against the Giants. It seemed like this whole situation had more to do with the Lions wanting some revenge against Moss whose developed a reputation to stir the Detroit Sports pot ultimately wasting the time of the Allen Park police department.

h/t: News-Herald, Awful Announcing, Detroit Sports Rag


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