Calvin Johnson admits he hid concussions from Lions team doctors


Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson continues to speak out about his NFL career and time with the Detroit Lions, something he normally didn’t do during his playing days.

This time instead of sounding off on the way his former team treated him upon retirement, Megatron spoke up about head injuries saying “of course” he hid concussions from team doctors.


They’re going to dispute that, but anytime you black out, anytime you hit the ground and everything is stars and stuff, any time your brain hits your skull, that’s a concussion,” Johnson said, via the Detroit Free Press. “No matter how severe it is, it’s a concussion. Now granted, some people get nausea. That’s a severe concussion when you get hit like that and you get nausea and stuff like that. But if you play football long enough [you’re going to have concussions].”

As far as why Johnson concealed these injuries was the same reason why any player would… to stay on the field.

“Guys get concussions, they don’t tell the coaches,” Johnson said. “It happens. I don’t tell the coach sometimes cause I know I got a job to do. The team needs me out there on the field. And sometimes you allow that to jeopardize yourself, but that’s just the nature of the world.”

Although Johnson’s worries about playing time more than likely differ than the regular player would. Anyone else perhaps wouldn’t want to risk losing their job to another player as the NFL is a cutthroat business. Still, Johnson is the exception to the rule here as he was arguably the greatest receiver to step foot on a football field.

However with all of this in mind, I’m not sure how this affects any future litigation between the players and the League when it comes to concussions.

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