Red Wings

A bunch of racist shitheads are using the Red Wings logo in the Charlottesville protests


Red Wings
Aside from having to deal with salary cap issues, the Red Wings now have another set of problems to contend with. Racism.

With shit hitting the fan in Charlottesville, Virginia after the college town decided remove Confederate statues from around the area, groups of racist shithead’s have descended upon the area as part of a Unite the Right rally in protest of the decision to remove the statues. This apparently included a Michigan based anti-immigration group called the “Detroit Right Wings” who adopted the iconic Winged Wheel used by the pro hockey team.

In addition to ripping off the Red Wings with their logo, the group also apparently ripped off Chrysler in a YouTube video the Right Wings produced in order to raise money for the event in Charlottesville.

Obviously the Red Wings have zero affiliation with these ass clowns and since these images have surfaced the team released a statement where they also threaten legal action.

It’s also no surprise the Red Wings have taken a much stronger stance against this than the President who just now tweeted out against the violence during his “working vacation”.



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