Brad Ausmus is bitching about the Tigers’ schedule


Brad Ausmus

Manager Brad Ausmus isn’t a fan of the Tigers‘ latest scheduling woes that’s left little turnover from one series and one game to another.

After arriving in Chicago early Friday after a four-game set in Houston, mother nature made things a little tougher for the Tigers when the first game of a double-header was rained out and moved to Saturday. It was then the Tigers manager began to vent.

Via Mlive.com:

“I’m not really happy with it, to be honest with you,” he said. “We got here at four in the morning. We were supposed to have a doubleheader. They canceled the game because of the weather and we don’t start the game until 8:30. Now we’ve got to get up in the morning again. Am I happy with it? No. I think it’s awful, actually. I think it’s a terrible schedule.”

Here’s Evan Woodberry outlining further what has gotten the Tigers skipper so salty:

FRIDAY (Chicago time)

Approx. 4 a.m. — Arrive in Chicago after flight from Houston that departed shortly after the Tigers completed a four-game series against the Astros.

Noon — Tigers arrive at the ballpark to prepare for scheduled 4:10 p.m. game.

2 p.m. — The first game is postponed. But it’s too late to go back to the hotel, so the Tigers spend hours killing time (or trying to nap) in the clubhouse.

7:10 p.m. — The remaining game starts in a delay.

8:35 p.m. — The game gets underway.

12:15 a.m. — The game ends with the White Sox beating the Tigers 8-2.


1:45 a.m. — The Tigers return to their hotel.

10 a.m. — The Tigers must be back at the park to prepare for a doubleheader.

Ausmus would have preferred to move the makeup ahead to August instead of adding to the grueling stretch the Tigers are currently undertaking now.

Sure it sucks, but so does the Tigers’ play over the course of the past several weeks and throughout the majority of the still young season. Given the team sputtering to fire sale after June, the losing leading up to these comments sets the optic of flat out whining and tired excuses for further futility.

Bottom line, it’s a long season Brad. Every team is going to face shit stretches in their schedule at some point in the year.

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