Bob Quinn says he’s looking for a head coach that can take the Lions to the “next level’ and “win a championship”



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Lions general manager Bob Quinn took to the podium Monday after firing Jim Caldwell who failed to get Detroit to the playoffs this past season or win a playoff game during his four-year tenure.

Quinn began his presser citing the need to find a head coach who can take the Lions to the “next level” and “win a championship”.

Likewise, Quinn further made mention the Lions’ inability to beat good teams which seemed to add another factor in Caldwell’s dismissal. Despite finishing above .500 overall with the Lions, Caldwell only managed a 4-25 record against teams who had winning records.

Other items of note from the Quinn presser include:

  • The team will inform the public of every head coaching candidate after the interview has taken place.
  • Previous head coaching experience is a plus but isn’t a deal breaker. It may be important to note the presumed front-runner in Matt Patricia doesn’t have any head coaching experience but has plenty of familiarity with Quinn in New England.
  • Familiarity in hiring a new head coach could be a factor but he also could hire a guy who he doesn’t know. This includes possibly hiring a college coach.
  • Quinn says he’s maintained a list of coaching candidates even before he received a GM job.
  • No players will be involved in the interview process. On that note, Matthew Stafford hasn’t been vocal in the past about head coaching preferences but the team’s early requests for defensive coordinators seem to suggest a defensive direction. This may be  to spare Stafford the hassle of having to learn another offensive scheme under an entirely new offensive staff.
  • On that notion, Quinn further stated that offensive scheme doesn’t matter much to him since he believes Matthew Stafford is good enough to play in any one of them.
  • The plan for Jim Bob Cooter and offensive continuity isn’t important to him.
  • Quinn also wouldn’t say if Cooter is a candidate to be the next head coach. Teryl Austin will interview with the team on Tuesday.
  • The new head coach will have the opportunity to hire his own staff.
  • Eric Ebron will apparently be back. Quinn say’s the frying pan handed tight end is under contract with the tender.
  • The Golden Tate contract extension isn’t a priority given the need to find a new head coach.
  • It doesn’t look in any decision on Ziggy Ansah has been made.
  • Quinn intends to add a running back this offseason.
  • Likewise, Quinn isn’t “kicking himself” after passing on Kamara or Hunt.
  • The Lions GM also made his decision on Caldwell last night.
  • Quinn wants a guy that’s opinionated on players.
  • In addition to Caldwell, O-line coach Ron Prince was also fired.
  • Quinn and Rod Wood will handle the interview process. Ownership will apparently not be involved.
  • There’s no timetable on the coaching search.

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