Bob Quinn promises to fix the Lions’ clown show of a running game



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Droughts have been something the Lions and their fans have gotten quite accustom to in the franchises history.

From Super Bowl wins, playoff wins or division titles, Lions fans are some of the most malnourished and starved fan bases in all of sports. Although I hesitate to say the Super Bowl is hardly a drought since that would seemingly imply they’ve tasted the fruits of even making an appearance in the big game. Something they still have yet to accomplish but you get the idea.

Anyways, another drought the Lions have and to endure is the lack of a running game which may be putting things lightly since they’ve had pretty much nothing since Barry Sanders came to the decision that playing another snap was no longer worth his time or effort.

That was almost 20 years ago.

In any sense, it’s something the Lions obviously need to address if they’re planning on ending any one of those other droughts anytime soon.

But what about this offseason?

Monday night, Lions GM Bob Quinn was a guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio where he talked about the team’s nearly two decade long struggle with the running game.

Here’s what he told Gil Brandt (via SportingNews):

“I think blame can get passed all around the organization and it starts with me,” Lions general manager Bob Quinn told co-host Gil Brandt and me Monday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I’m in charge of delivering the players and hiring the head coach.

“If anyone wants to point a finger as to why the running game did not work last year, they can point it at me.”

Perhaps needless to say, adding a difference maker for the running game is atop Quinn’s priority list this offseason stating that he’s “sure” the Lions “going to add someone to the group there”.

Quinn also added:

“When you talk about running the football, it’s the whole system,” Quinn said. “It’s the tight ends. It’s the receivers. Are they getting downfield to get the second-level blocks? Is the quarterback making the right checks at the line of scrimmage to get us in the right plays? A lot of things go into the running game.”

Not that the Lions though have been completely out of touch with the running game. They’ve attempted in the past to make different guys work to no avail. But aside from the failure, the unfortunate aspects to those trials and tribulations at running back were the guys at the top calling the shots by either making the wrong selections in the draft, in free agency or simply holding on to garbage way too long.

Hopefully Quinn’s comments will lead him away from some of the many mistakes committed by the Matt Millen and Martin Mayhew reigns on of terror.

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