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Barstool Detroit? The DSR has reached out to the El Presidente



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If there’s anything that gives Lynn Henning, the Ford Family and the entire lineup of 97.1 The Ticket (among others) cold sweats it’s the thought of the Detroit Sports Rag‘s Jeff Moss having more resources at his disposal to make their lives a living Hell.

That’s because since the early 2000’s Jiff Myst has led a crusade against Detroit area sports teams who’ve taken the foot of the gas pedal and the sports media in this town who jump in line to give back rubs for it. And sure Moss prompting the Lions to call the cops on him for the most ridiculous reasons or seemingly giving Tom Mazaway fits of rage at a golf outing (in between the Maz picking up your kids from school) is joyous entertainment, the DSR has also had their fair share of journalistic scoops that have beaten day job reporters or gained national attention.

Bottom line if Moss at the DSR is good at any one thing, it’s excavating the dirt in the Detroit sports world by any means necessary.

So for that, it looks as though Moss wants to take things further.

Barstool Sports

Barstool’s El Presidente Dave Portnoy – Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday morning, Moss penned an open letter to Barstool Sports‘ El Presidente Dave Portnoy that was all about a very interesting proposal, a Barstool Detroit that Moss himself would run.

I was perusing your website recently and noticed that you have Barstool NYC, Barstool Boston, Barstool Chicago and Barstool Philly. I also saw Iowa listed but I cannot imagine you guys have a Barstool operation in Des Moines and not the Motor City so I am just going to assume you are big fans of Slipknot’s second studio album.

I am not going to beat around the bush here. I want to run Barstool Detroit. I have been banging my head against the wall for two decades running this joint and I am desirous of a 50,000 watt blowtorch like your site to further my agenda/grievances with the sports teams in Detroit and the horrific media that covers said teams.

Unlike your fellow New Englander Bill Simmons, I believe in the need for motherships and I want on your Death Star. Just do me a favor and don’t ask your girlfriend Kellie Rowe for a recommendation.

Now I myself am not the biggest fan of Barstool. However what I am a fan of is a guy like Jeff Moss obtaining more resources to further hold accountable the teams in the area and the media that covers them.

And this isn’t me blowing smoke up the ass of the DSR because let’s be honest with ourselves here, there’s been a collective unit of Detroit sports media members who’ve offered up a gross blind loyalty to Detroit sports teams for far too long. So much so it makes the Donald Trump cabinet look more like an episode of CNN’s Crossfire. 

Not to mention if there’s anything this town needs is another hard-hitting Sports website that isn’t looking to play masseuse to Ken Holland in an effort to score press credentials or a weekly spot in the Detroit News.

Anyways, as of this morning it doesn’t look like there’s been any announcement from the DSR on a Barstool response.

I guess however time will still tell.


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