Anibal Sanchez asks to be sent to Toledo



As reported by various media sources, Detroit Tigers Starting Pitcher Anibal Sanchez has accepted an optional assignment to the minor leagues. Because of his service time, the Detroit Tigers, or any other big league team, couldn’t option him to the minors without his consent.

The Detroit Tigers will allow Anibal Sanchez to return to pitching as a starter. He will make his first start in the Toledo rotation tomorrow. The club and Sanchez hope that returning to a regular pitching schedule will allow the veteran to return to form.

Warwick Saupold has been recalled by the club and will join the big league bullpen after pitching as a starter for the Mud Hens this season. In 4 1/3 innings pitched in relief this season in Detroit, Saupold has yielded three solo home runs and two walks, while striking out five, putting his ERA at a less than solid 6.23. Saupold however has worked to a 2.90 ERA in 40 1/3 innings in Toledo while averaging just under eight strikeouts per nine innings as a starter.

Sanchez will make Saupold’s scheduled start, essentially meaning the two clubs have traded pitchers for the time being.

This doesn’t mean that the Detroit Tigers are off the hook for his salary. The Detroit Tigers will still owe Sanchez the remainder of his 2017 salary, which totals $16.8 million dollars and a contract buyout of $5.0 million dollars for the 2018 season. This situation is not like the Max Scherzer option to the minors during his first season in Detroit. Scherzer did not have the service time to decline an assignment to the minor leagues and had “option years” available.

I absolutely doubt that Anibal Sanchez will actually return to form, but at least they don’t have two useless arms in their bullpen going forward.

H/T: MLive

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