Andre Drummond takes a shot at a fan who suggest the Pistons trade him for Kyrie Irving


Andre Drummond

The NBA world was set on fire Friday when it was revealed Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland as the guard reportedly requested a trade during a meeting with the team last week.

The news of Irving’s desire to be traded expectedly had fan bases thinking how their squad could acquire one of the best back court players in the League.

For the Pistons, one fan suggested Detroit make an offer to the Cavs for Irving which had Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson going the other way. The fan made sure to include each of those player’s Twitter handles in his post which caught the attention of Drummond who decided to deliver a return shot.

It’s not surprising Drummond would take an exception to this. He’s the same guy that had to be restrained from getting at fan who heckled him about his atrocious free throw shooting.


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