Anonymous GM: Tigers could surprise and enter the bidding for Josh Hamilton


With the MLB playoffs and offseason rapidly approaching thoughts of the offseason begin to come to mind among fans around the Majors. With that said one of the biggest free agents this offseason (given he doesn’t sign a new contract by the end of the year) is going to be that of Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton. Now the bidding for him will without a doubt be astronomical as his agent will probably be asking for around $20-$25 million dollars a season for him.

Given what the Tigers did last offseason when they acquired Prince Fielder for that mammoth nine year, $214 million dollar deal it would seem that the Tigers wouldn’t be in the running for Hamilton one free agency begins.

However ESPN.com’s Buster Olney, recently spoke with an anonymous GM who said that the Tigers could surprise rival teams and enter the bidding for Hamilton. That anonymous GM even cites the deal that the Tigers struck last offseason in which Ilitch opened up the check book to sign a high priced Fielder to the long-term deal.

Hamilton at this point for the Tigers does seem like a long shot and to tell you the truth I feel dirty even talking about it. However I was one of many people last offseason saying the Tigers had zero chance at getting Fielder and we all knew what happened from there.

But lets have a little fun though and say the Tigers do in fact get Hamilton this offseason… what could that batting lineup look like? Well, here’s my idea on how it could be formulated…

1. Austin Jackson CF, .281
2. Josh Hamilton LF, .304
3. Miguel Cabrera 3B, .318

4. Prince Fielder 1B, .285
5. Victor Martinez DH, .303
6. Jhonny Peralta SS, .266

7. Andy Dirks RF, .284
8. Alex Avila C, .263
9. Omar Infante 2B, .275

*Averages are based on career batting averages

The Tigers already have the best one-two punch in the league with Cabrera and Fielder batting 3rd and 4th respectively. That two through five though with the addition of Josh Hamilton and Victor Martinez would simply be unfair. I’m also assuming that the Tigers end up re-signing Peralta based on him knowing the team and coming at a relatively cheap prince. Again though it’s a long shot when you consider the Tigers have some of their own upcoming contracts that they’ll need to think about renewing, the biggest one being Justin Verlander.

h/t: ESPN

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