Dantonio angry with MSU players ripping Denard Robinson and Michigan Saturday night


Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio wasn’t too pleased with the actions of some his players Saturday night on Twitter. During the course of Michigan’s 41-14 blowout loss at the hands of Alabama, a few different Spartan players took to the social forum to rip into their Big Ten rivals, more notably Michigan QB Denard Robinson.

Here are some of the tweets via the Detroit Free Press:

“Is this guy really a QB I’ll say my mans (walk-on Tommy Vento) is a better QB lol,” linebacker Denicos Allen tweeted.

“DENARD IS SOOOO BAD!” safety Kyle Artinian tweeted. “And it makes me feel so good.”

“I can play quarterback for the school in blue,” linebacker Jamal Lyles tweeted. “(Le’Veon Bell) for heisman > the other guy in the great state of michigan.”

On Robinson’s 71-yard completion to Jeremy Gallon: “Even a blind squirrel can get a nut ever once in a while…,” MSU running back Nick Hill tweeted right after the play.

In light of the tweets, Dantonio referred to the tweets as “ridiculous” and a “reflection on all of us.”

Dantonio called it “disrespectful,” said consequences would follow and reminded everyone of MSU’s 49-7 loss to Alabama in the 2011 Capital One Bowl.

“I didn’t see much different when we played the University of Alabama a couple years ago, it’s tough,” he said. “Our guys need to keep their mouths shut … especially those that aren’t even playing.”

Robinson was asked about the tweets but didn’t say much about them,

“I heard about it. But I’m thinking about Air Force, I’m not worried about that right now. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

Dantonio reportedly wanted the players to issue apologies but it doesn’t appear as if there will be any further punishments.

h/t: Detroit Free Press


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