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War of words between Wings and Kings on Twitter


The Detroit Red Wings and Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings engaged in a minor war of words on Twitter this past week. The exchange was a result of Kings writers making their playoff predictions for next season where they believed the Wings would be one of the teams that would miss this season’s postseason after making it last year.

2. One team in each the East and West that made the playoffs last year but will drop out of the top 8, and why.

West: Detroit. Ding, dong, the Wings are dead. Too many holes, not enough aging Europeans to fill them.

Hmm… another the Red Wings are too old rip. Critics have been saying that for several years now and the Wings keep going to the playoffs and assembling very competitive teams. I think it’s time to get something new. But it’s from there that things spilled over into the Twittersphere…

I guess you’ve gotta hand it to the LA Kings Twitter admins as they provided plenty of comedic relief throughout the playoffs and continue to do so in the offseason. But you really have to question the sense of an individual taking shots at a team that’s won a 11 total Stanley Cups as opposed to their one. 2008 also wasn’t THAT long ago…

My question though to the Kings is will the Lakers allow them to put a banner up in their arena? I guess Kobe has a decision to make.

h/t: Diehard Sport, Twitter

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