Best case scenario has Victor Martinez returning in mid to late September


If the Tigers are going to get Victor Martinez back this season, it now looks like it won’t be till the end of the season.

Tigers head athletic trainer announced today that the “best case scenario” would have Martinez returning in mid to late September after injuring his ACL in the offseason.

Martinez underwent an MRI Thursday in Colorado which revealed that everything is progressing as expected but will still be a while before V-Mart hits the starting lineup.

“He’s doing very well there,” Rand said. “From a physical standpoint, from a stability standpoint, his knee looks great. But at this point time, his single-leg strength on that side isn’t where it needs to be to begin running.”

Rand then gave a quick outline of Martinez’s rehab schedule saying he would spend the month of July working on a leg strengthening program then embark on a three to four-week running program. This would eventually lead to resuming regular baseball activities has his health improved.

“Obviously, throwing-wise, we can do some things there,” Rand said. “Hitting-wise, he’s cleared to begin some doing some tee work, and things along those lines. But as far as a ‘return to play’ standpoint, it’s not until we get through that running progression and base-running before we can even think about putting him back out on a baseball field.”

This latest news is somewhat disappointing though after Tigers owner Mike Ilitch believed that Martinez could be back full-time with the Tigers in August. Still though it’s much better news than what was initially given earlier in the year which had Martinez out for the entire season.

Hopefully though by the time Martinez comes back this season (if he does) it’s not too late.

Ref: Mlive.com

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