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VIDEO: Wings fans look to recruit Parise and Suter by way of creative guilt


With the likes of Lidstrom and Stuart gone, the Wings are entering a very exciting yet potentially stressful free agent period that begins this weekend on July 1st. This offseason the obvious prizes for not only the Wings but a small handful of other teams are Nashville blue liner Ryan Suter and New Jersey forward Zach Parise.

During the free agent process though many fans might feel powerless when it comes to helping their team sign the top players on the market. In turn many of these fans will probably sit on their asses (including myself) doing absolutely nothing to help sway the decisions of the highly sought after free agents.

The guys from The Triple Deke refuse though to sit around and hope the Wings sign Parise and Suter, they’re taking action!

With the help and inspiration of Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercial that’s probably effect but can ruin anyone’s good day they created this masterpiece in hopes of luring this offseason’s top prizes…

And it looks like it may be working as Dennis Wideman signed with the Calgary Flames today!

Ref: YouTube, Yahoo! Sports

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