Lions’ Jim Schwartz listed as one of the “biggest jerks” in the NFL


The Detroit Lions don’t seem to be a very popular team among writers.

After Pete Prisco labeled Lions DT Ndamukong Suh as the most overrated player last,’s Mike Freeman put together a list of the NFL’s “biggest jerks” with Jim Schwartz coming in tied for 9th on that list.

The person he was tied with… Jim Harbaugh.

Freeman writes…

“This is a tough one. Went to high school with Schwartz. Love him. Excellent coach, but his overreaction to a hard handshake from Harbaugh is a classic jerk reaction from a guy with a serious sideline temper.”

Ahh of course we have the infamous handshake incident between Schwartz and Harbaugh that probably didn’t help their cause at not making this list. But aside from that there were plenty of fist bumps as well as trash talking to referee Ron Winter and Dallas wideout Dez Bryant.

And if you’re wonder, Ndamukong Suh didn’t make the list but was mentioned at No. 3 when Freeman discussed the New Orleans Saints…

“If they’re (the Saints) innocent, then this is where Ndamukong Suh , leg stomper, dirty player, shall go. So ordered,” Freeman wrote.


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