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Good news Wings fans, Suter doesn’t want to play in Philly…


Like the Red Wings, the Flyers could use help on the blue line given the uncertainty surrounding Chris Pronger and the possibility that Matt Carle departs via free agency.

Suter currently is deciding whether or not he wants to re-sign with the Predators or test the free agent market come July 1st. One thing though Suter has apparently decided upon though is he doesn’t want to play for the Philadelphia Flyers according to CSN Philadelphia.

Now Red Wings fans the other good news in all of this is Suter’s list of specific clubs he’d be willing to negotiate with are exclusive to the Western Conference with all indications having the Wings at the top of that list.

Now of course this doesn’t mean a whole lot especially since Suter may be talking to Nashville on a contract extension. But what it does to is eliminate 15 possible suitors in the Eastern Conference and put the Wings solely in the driver’s seat come the start of shopping season on July 1st.

Ref: CSN Philadelphia

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