Is Jason Maxiell one of the top 5 worst rotation players in the NBA?


I think it’s fair to say that Pistons forward Jason Maxiell hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations of the Pistons. After being drafted in the first round (26th overall) in 2005 it’s also fair to say that a lot of first round draft picks never live up to their full potential or expectations.

But is Jason Maxiell one of the top five worst rotation players in the NBA?

Danny Chau of hardwoodparoxysm.com certainly thinks so.

Chau recently ranked the top 50 worst rotation players in the NBA and placed Maxiell as the fifth worst, just ahead of 6th ranked Miami PG Mike Bibby and just behind 5th ranked Yi Jianlian of the Washington Wizards.

Here is what Chau has to say…

Go to YouTube and type in his name. You’ll love him.

K, now go to Basketball-Reference. Same thing. Yeah, see that 2010-2011 season? Do you still love Jason Maxiell? He’s the worst.

You can and should still love Maxiell’s dunks and blocks, but let’s be realistic about his prospects as a rotation player. Aside from highlights plays, screen-setting, and baby-eating, you’re not getting anything from him. He could never shoot, pass, or dribble. He’s regressed in a big way on the boards. Last year was the third straight season that his production has dropped and this time he found himself out of the rotation for long stretches. It’s sad when the undersized overachiever stops overachieving. -JH

Again, there’s no doubt that Maxiell hasn’t lived up to his potential but ranking him in the top 5 seems a bit of a stretch.

Source: hardwoodparoxysm.com


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