PHOTO: Was there a foreign substance on David Price’s hat the other night?


Tigers lefty David Price had a nice bounce-back game Monday going seven strong innings in a 12-1 win over the Indians. This of course was following Price giving up eight runs on nine consecutive hits against the Yankees in his previous start which was without question his worst outing of the season.

However in that bounce back game yesterday, a Reddit user was able to get a screen shot of what looked to be some type of substance under the brim of Price’s hat.

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So what’s the substance? We’ll never know at this point but this isn’t the first time Price has had questionable substances on him during one of this outings.

Here he is addressing a fan who noticed something on Price’s arm when he was still with the Rays this season. Apparently David got a little crazy with the Red Hot… or so he says.  

Now I don’t condone cheating, even though a lot of pitchers in the game employ this type of strategy. The only thing I’m going to say is just be careful Mr. Price.

h/t: Sports Daily


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