The Tigers plan to call up Jim Johnson after his next minor league appearance



Since the Tigers’ bullpen is still a complete disaster the team has decided they’re going to call up former A’s and Orioles reliever Jim Johnson once he makes one more appearance in Triple-A Toledo per his request.

Via the Detroit News:

“At Jim’s request, he wanted another outing [at Triple-A Toledo],” manager Brad Ausmus said. “It’s a good sign because he understands the big picture.”

The big picture is this: The Tigers want Johnson to hit the ground running, prepared to play a key bullpen role, when he does come up.

“Most guys are in a rush to get back to the major leagues, but he has the right mindset,” Ausmus said. “He wants to be ready to come back, not rushing to come back.”

As of today, the Detroit bullpen over the past 30 games has a horrible 4.86 ERA and I mean that in the worst way possible considering it’s the fourth-worst mark over that stretch. In addition the Tigers also sport a 1.79 WHIP which is the second-highest figure in baseball. The bad news is Jim Johnson’s numbers over the past season in the MLB would make even the Tigers’ bullpen look good. The former saves King in 2012 and 13 (while with Baltimore) Johnson posted a 7.14 ERA in over 40 1/3 innings before being released by the Athletics this year. However Johnson currently has a 2.45 ERA in three games with the Mud Hens so maybe there’s some hope Johnson has been able to spice up a pretty underwhelming arsenal. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

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