The Pacers called the Pistons about a Roy Hibbert trade, hopefully SVG laughed then hung up the phone



In one of the more ridiculous trade offers this offseason, the Pistons apparently received a phone call today from the Indiana Pacers offering up Roy Hibbert for what looks to be Greg Monroe. This is according to Matt Dery of Detroit Sports 105.1.

First you have to hope that Stan Van Gundy simply laughed at Larry Bird over the phone then promptly hung it up. Yeah it’s harsh but Hibbert makes zero sense for the Pistons who currently have a problem in their front court with available space. Roy Hibbert surely doesn’t help that issue. Not to mention Detroit would have to take on salary with Hibbert’s contract who could become a free agent after this upcoming season.

I guess you can’t really blame Larry Bird at this point though. With Paul George probably out all of next season it’s going to be a tough 2014-15 year for Indiana.

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