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Kate Upton: “Everyone blames me” when Verlander struggles (VIDEO)


When Verlander struggles, who do you blame? His mechanics, his motion or maybe it’s his velocity? Or perhaps you go with a popular cause amongst fans when it comes to JV’s problems… Kate Upton.

During a taping of Live! with Kelly and Michael this past week, Upton was filling in for Kelly Ripa and talking with Michael Strahan about a number of topics including those times when JV has his struggles on the mound. And it was during that segment where Upton took notice of the blame directed towards her because those Verlander pitching struggles. (via the Detroit Free Press)

“They always blame me,” Upton said, referring to fans who blame her whenever Verlander struggles. “Everybody blames me.”

Upton also clued us on in Verlander’s demeanor on his pitching days: “He actually told me ‘I like to be angry before I pitch.’ He didn’t tell me before, so he’d seem like he was in a bad mood before he pitched, so I’d be like joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, trying to cheer him up. And then he got mad at me, he was like, ‘Stop making me laugh, I’m trying to be angry.’ I went straight to wearing a Yankees cap.

“He always says anytime we’re fighting I wear a Yankees hat. And when we’re getting along I’m wearing a Detroit hat.”

Upton also went on talking about how she’s not allowed to wear a Tigers hat at Yankee Stadium because she’s ‘sleeping with the enemy’ (interesting choice of words) thus confirming what all of us pretty much knew… that Justin Verlander is her ‘boyfriend’… awww.

Anyways Tigers fans get angry! RABBLE! RABBLE RABBLE!!


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