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Detroit Sports Talk Ratings: Tigers spell good news for 97.1 while 105.1 continues to struggle



If there’s any question as to how much the Tigers mean to the radio airwaves here in Detroit, these latest round of spring ratings should put things into perspective.

According to, because of the Tigers 97.1FM The Ticket have a spring quarterly rating of 7.3. This came after a May that saw a significant rise to a 7.9 up from a 6.8 in April and pretty bleak 4.7 in March. Again I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the return of the Tigers had most to do with those upward trends which may not spell too well for the personalities that appear on the station in between games. Perhaps fans have had enough of the endless (and mindless) Mount Rushmore talking points, Doug Karsch wondering what you’re favorite guy movie is or Terry Foster’s tired old ladies man bit.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.58.25 PM

Meanwhile over at 105.1 things continue to look rough.

With no major Detroit sports team to cling to until the fall when the Pistons start up 105.1 managed a 1.0 for spring 2014 which is the lowest for an FM station in the market aside from Wayne State University public radio. The numbers were even worse for 105.1 during the winter and early spring months as the stations failed to get to a 1.0 earning a 0.9 and 0.8 in March and April respectively.

Obviously 105.1 is still relatively new but you’d have to think the trends really aren’t encouraging, especially in a city with a nice college and pro sports scene. You’d also have to figure that the Pistons won’t do much for to improve those ratings… not at least until they’re good again.

So what conclusions can we come to regarding these numbers?

  • Detroit still is very much a one sports talk station town.
  • Detroit is for the most part all about Detroit. That means local shows reign supreme which could be why 105.1 is moving Ryan and Rico from the weekends to weekdays.
  • Drew Lane’s return has still made zero impact.
  • Listeners could finally be sick of the lame topics spewed from the 97.1 airwaves.
  • The success and failure of a station could very well depend on the Detroit Tigers.

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