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Red Wings making calls inquiring on Joe Thornton



Could the Red Wings be contemplating adding Joe Thornton to the mix?

It seems like that could be the case according to TSN  hockey insider Pierre Lebrun who says the Wings did in fact make a phone call to San Jose regarding the veteran forward.

Joe Thornton has yet to tell the San Jose Sharks he wants to be moved somewhere. Right now, Thornton wants to stay in San Jose. Could that change by the end of the summer? I suppose it could before the end of the summer. In the meantime, teams who are intrigued are calling San Jose. Amongst those teams are the Detroit Red Wings. Thornton is from St. Thomas, not too far from Detroit but, again, none of that talk means anything until Thornton decides to tell the Sharks he does not want to be a part of the rebuilding plan, and that has not happened at this point.

So Joe Thornton possibly a Red Wing? That’s quite the thought but then again this isn’t the same Joe Thornton who was a consistent 20-plus goal scorer with 50 or more assist a season. During the 2014-15 campaign Thornton will be 35 and coming off a year where he had 11 goals in 82 games. The trade off on that could be his goals per game going down put his assist column remaining pretty consistent at .72, .69 and .79 (per game) in 2012, 13 and 14 respectively. What’s it going to cost to get Thornton away from San Jose though? I’m guessing something it’s probably not worth to pay.

Who could also forget Thornton going after Lidstrom back in 2010. Ahhh memories…


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