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PHOTO: Verlander shopping with Kate Upton less than four hours prior to game time?


I’ve never been one to be concerned about the ongoing Verlander/Upton relationship that some Tigers fans insist is a direct cause of JV’s struggles stretching back to last season. I personally couldn’t care less who the guy dated and never bought into the nonsense of a Kate Upton curse for Verlander who had another terrible outing last night giving up 7 runs and 12 hits in just 6 innings during a 11-8 loss to the Royals.

Something though that’s going to continue to feed into the Kate Upton controversy is a photo that surfaced yesterday and today that seemed to show Verlander and Upton shopping at Somerset Mall less than four hours prior to game time.

The picture certainly looks like Verlander and Upton and if he was indeed out shopping less than four hours prior to when he was suppose to pitch that’s a problem. Especially when he’s been struggling. However that isn’t Upton’s fault, JV knows when he’s pitching and he knows the aspects in terms of what it takes to win.

Where’s the fun in being reasonable though?

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