April is over and Prince Fielder still sucks



I know I may be beating a dead horse at this point, especially since I already wrote one of these Prince Fielder bash articles back in the beginning of April. However I cannot help but take a look at the huge fleece that Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers have gotten away with so far in that trade. At the time I wrote that particular piece Fielder was batting an impressively bad .167 with a laughable .439 OPS while getting called out in the media by manager Ron Washington for essentially costing them the game against the Rays April 6th.

Now all things considered Prince Fielder is still a professional Major League hitter who you’d assume to eventually get things turned around for the Rangers and actually be somewhat of a formidable presence at the plate as April carried on.

Hell I thought that would happen however it really didn’t.

First, Fielder continues to be a huge liability at first base something that really wasn’t a secret and quite frankly expected. But for the hell of it Fielder has two errors (1 throwing) in 233 innings. Whatever, Fielder isn’t the supposed high commodity because of his defense skills but it’s his offense that still remains a concern and a punch line if you’re a Tigers fan or an ever-increasing impatient Rangers fan who starts to cringe every time the big-fella steps to the plate.

So, after April Prince Fielder still hasn’t hit his weight, in fact he’s nowhere close (no jokes, simple truth). To finish the first full month Fielder was able to bring his average above the .200 mark to .206 (HA!) while compiling 12 runs, 21 hits, 2 home runs and 9 RBI’s. To make matters worse he also has an OPS of .645 which again is an improvement to his .439 but is still absolutely abysmal. In comparison to Ian Kinsler his OPS isn’t that great either at .718 but then again Kinsler isn’t the power hitter like Fielder is plus he’s batting .283 with 14 RBI’s and just as many home runs.

Apparently Prince isn’t a power hitter either.

The most interesting stat though with Fielder is his in ability to produce runs. According to Richie Whitt of NBC 5 out of Dallas/Fort Worth in each of Fielder’s eight opportunities to score a run from third base with less than two outs he’s been successful zero percent of the time.

Again though I fully expect Fielder to get things turned around somewhat but then again what if he doesn’t? Is he on pace for 23 home runs and 79 RBIs? What a treat that would be for Rangers fans. If that’s the case is he going to hide behind his kids again or continue to be a nonchalant tool in the locker room despite his bloated contract? Or maybe we’ll find out Jurickson Profar has been seen around Dallas with Chanel.

Harsh… I know.

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