Scherzer says Dombrowski apologized for how contract talks went down


MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

After this past weekends much publicized contract fail between the Tigers and impending 2015 free agent Max Scherzer, the reigning AL Cy Young winner caught the ire of Tigers fans everywhere and was quickly struck with the greed label.

However, according to Schezer (by way of the Detroit Free Press’ John Lowe) Dombrowski has apparently apologized to his No. 2 hurler for how the contract talks went down and how they made Scherzer look in the end.

Whatever, it’s a business and unfortunately this is the ugly side of it no hard feelings really should be felt on either end. The Tigers offered Scherzer a fair deal and he thinks he can get more on the open market which he more than likely will if he has another good year.

Yeah Max is greedy, turning down $24 million per season to play baseball is a good indication of that. But then again so is just about every professional athlete out there.

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