Sammy Watkins posts a ‘WATKINS’ Lions jersey to Instagram


Sammy Watkins is without a doubt the best wide receiver in their year’s draft, something that was reassured after his pro day last week when scouts and NFL front office personnel were left pretty speechless. With that said Watkins would be a huge asset for a good number of NFL teams looking to add more fire power on the offensive side of the ball and cause nightmares for opposing secondaries.

Which brings us to the Detroit Lions.

It’s no secret Martin Mayhew wants Watkins in the Detroit offense and the feeling may be mutual.

Today the very talented Clemson wide-out posted this to his Instagram account:

This also wasn’t the first time though Watkins perhaps showed his hand on where he hoped to end up come May. Here’s what he posted a few days ago:

Simple pandering from a prospect looking to go as soon as he can in the Draft?

Yeah probably considering he also posted images of him in a Rams and Bucs jersey. Still though those looking for the Lions to take him with the 10th overall pick it’s fun to visualize.

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