Report: Pistons considering Isiah Thomas to replace Joe Dumars as GM (UPDATE)



UPDATE: According to Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News, the rumors of Pistons owner Tom Gores considering Isiah Thomas to take over GM duties is false. Goodwill writes that any conversations between Gores and the former Pistons guard revolve around a Bad Boys reunion and that any role for Thomas within the organization (seemingly to take over for Dumars) are “absolutely false”.

Sources told The Detroit News the only conversations Gores and Thomas have had revolved around the Bad Boys reunion, when Gores stepped in financially, listing himself and the Detroit Pistons organization as presenting sponsors for the events.

The two sides have had no conversations about a role for Thomas

“Absolutely false,” Platinum Equity partner Mark Barnhill told The News.

The Detroit News report also states that Thomas, who is currently an analyst with NBA TV wouldn’t take a position that steps over is former teammate Joe Dumars.

So take all of this how you want to take it.

Could former Piston guard Isiah Thomas be making his way back to the organization?

According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News (via a league source), Pistons owner Tom Gores is seriously considering replacing GM Joe Dumars with his former back court partner Isiah Thomas.

Isiah Thomas will be back in Auburn Hills at the end of the month to help the Pistons commemorate the 25th anniversary of their first championship team. And we’re hearing that he could be in line to return to the team, a few months after the weekend festivities, for a permanent gig. League sources say that Pistons owner Tom Gores is seriously thinking of making what has been a long-overdue, front-office shakeup after the season, with Thomas recently emerging as a top candidate to take over the role of the team’s top basketball executive from his former backcourt mate, Joe Dumars.

Dumars has been rumored to be on an extreme hot seat leading up to this season due in large part to the eight hired coaches during his tenure since 2000 and the lack of recent success and very questionable draft and free agent acquisitions. This of course is despite the 2004 Championship, 2005 Eastern Conference championship and numerous playoff appearances.

However many would Pistons fans and those around the League would certainly question the hiring of Thomas who in comparison to Dumars’ GM success simply doesn’t hold a candle.

Thomas is portrayed as the guy that destroyed the once proud Knicks organization with his own questionable trades and draft selections. New York fans everywhere I’m sure can remember Thomas trading two first round picks for defensive liability Eddie Curry back in October of 2005. Those two first round selections eventually turned into All-Stars Joakim Noah and LaMarcus Aldridge.

But that may not even be the half of Thomas’ front office ineptitude.
There’s also always the Trevor Ariza trade to Orlando for Steve Francis despite already having Stephon Marbury at the same position.
Either way though Thomas has also shown the uncanny ability to hold an owner’s trust despite what he wasn’t able to do as a general manager. This especially may be the case too for an owner like Tom Gores who hasn’t quite learned the ropes of the league yet.
Bottom line, if Thomas is hired to replace Joe Dumars it’s going to be a long time before the team is returned to prominence once again.



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