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Franzen makes fun of Ottawa’s Chris Neil after attempted fight


Johan Franzen had a huge night for the Wings helping power their 6-1 stomping of Ottawa with a hat trick. The Mule also played the role of ‘agitator’ getting under the skin of Chris Neil as the Senators’ enforcer tried desperately to fight Franzen all game. The night between the two seemed to boil over a bit though in the third period when Neil once again went after Franzen, ripping his (Franzen’s) helmet off as the officials stepped in to prevent the situation from escalating. Especially after the Red Wings forward just returned from a concussion Wednesday night in Montreal.

Both players ended up getting a misconduct penalty which wasn’t too surprising considering the game was well out of reach for the Sens and had the probability of getting uglier if both guys remained on the ice. Neil also got roughing and unsportsmanlike penalties.

After the game, Franzen wasn’t coy to reporters regarding his thoughts on Neil shedding some insight on his game. (via NBC Sports and the Ottawa Citizen):

“He usually shows up when the game is over and tries to be the hero,” Franzen said, per the Ottawa Citizen. “Puts his cape on and goes and flies out there.

“He doesn’t like to take heat from fans and coaches, he usually steps up when the game is over and shows he really fights hard.”

Senators head coach and former Wings assistant Paul MacLean chalked the incident up as just being part of the game, which he’s right. D-Bags light Neil who go after player injuries are part of the game.

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