Report: Pistons shopping forward Josh Smith



It looks like Joe Dumars is looking to pull off the near impossible.

According to Zach Lowe of Grantland.com, the Pistons are shopping forward Josh Smith which in of itself is great since it would rid them of a four-year, $54MM deal that could reach $56MM with incentives. The catcher though is the Pistons are reportedly looking for more than just expiring deals in return.

Seems like buyers remorse which may further suggest that Joe Dumars no longer knows what he’s doing in the Pistons front office. It was a long shot to begin with but what the Pistons are looking for in return almost seems laughable.

Anyways, HoopsRumors.com is suggesting that the Pistons are interested in Philadelphia’s Evan Turner and would part with a first round (which they may not have in 2014) to get him. In terms of Greg Monroe though, it’s looking like the Pistons need a ‘overwhelming offer’ in return to part.

What a mess.

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