Security guard MSU QB recruit Jayru Campbell body slammed may have harassed students



Back in January, MSU QB recruit Jayru Campbell was arrested after body-slamming a security guard in the halls of Cass Tech during the school day. The story went national when cell phone video surfaced supporting the claim that Campbell did indeed slam the security guard to the ground.

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However reports coming out this week suggest that the security guard may not have been totally innocent in the matter leading up to the altercation and thereafter.

According to FOX 2 Detroit’s Erika Erickson, students at Cass Tech said the security guard abused his authority and referred to some students as ‘ugly’. Then after the altercation with Campbell tweeted out the following:

“Slam me when i’m not looking, lol, pussy. Hit me when i’m looking at you…bet i whoop your ass. I got dropped and got right back up!”

And when asked what happened with Campbell, the security guard replied with the following:

“Pussy grabbed … up when i wasn’t looking. He then took off when I tried to snatch him up”

The security guard, who has since been relieved of his duties didn’t want his name released. However Dominique Marshall, an apparent friend of the security guard spoke on his behalf:

“[The tweets don’t] really justify the type of person he is. He’s a caring person. He cares about other people. … I think he was more so embarrassment, just from the simple fact that how, frankly, it got out there, how it happened, where it happened,” says Marshall.

Now I can certainly understand being embarrassed about what happened. Given though what was tweeted it may not be totally out of the realm that the security guard again isn’t totally innocent. However it still doesn’t necessarily justify getting body slammed to the ground by Campbell who also has a history of letting his emotions get the best of him.

The Twitter account of the security guard has since been deleted while the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office still says it’s reviewing the case so I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks.

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