GIF: LeBron James with the double flop as Pistons fall to the Heat


As a fan there’s one thing that I want to do and that’s move past any disdain I have for LeBron James. The guy is a great player despite what some might say to play down his achievements and skill. He’s better than Kobe, he’s better than Durant and when it’s all said and done he may end up being better than Jordan.

However the flopping continues to be an embarrassment to his game.

Here we see, LeBron flop not once, but twice in a pretty ridiculous acting job while being defended by Greg Monroe. Hilariously enough the first flop came with zero contact with the second one coming with very little contact.


It’s also plays like this that will continue to fuel the hate thrown his way.

In the end the Pistons fell to the Heat 102-96 after a decent effort with Brandon Jennings netting 26 points while Drummond and Monroe finished with a double-double.

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