Brendan Gibbons dismissed from U-M over sexual misconduct allegations and our interview with the guy who helped leak the story



Tuesday, news of Brendan Gibbons’ alleged sexual misconduct at the University of Michigan finally hit mainstream media when the Michigan Daily (among other outlets) reported on the case. According to the Michigan Daily, the University separated themselves from their kicker last month via a letter sent to the Gibbons camp notifying them of their decision.

“You will be permanently separated from the University of Michigan effective December 20, 2013,” reads a Dec. 19, 2013 letter addressed to Gibbons at his Florida residence from the University’s Office of Student Conflict Resolution, which facilitates disciplinary proceedings against students. The Michigan Daily did not obtain these documents from the University.

The permanent separation of Gibbons, who was a graduate student in the School of Social Work after graduating with a general studies degree, stems from an incident that was reported to have occurred on Nov. 22, 2009, according to documents. This corresponds with previous media reports that a sexual assault involving a Michigan football player occurred in the early morning hours of that day. Gibbons was a freshman and a member of the football team at the time that the conduct was alleged to have occurred.

The fact of the matter in all of this though is Gibbons’ alleged sexual escapades isn’t new. Douglas Smith, a former Michigan professor and the man behind the website Washtenaw Watchdogs who helped leak the news on Gibbons broke the story back in early August of 2013 on an incident that happened in November of 2009. And while the mainstream local outlets weren’t giving Professor Smith the time of day we conducted an interview with him during the Detroit Sports Edge on September 16th, 2013.


Here’s the audio of the show and interview below:

But it’s not like this is a whole bunch of hearsay and conjecture by a former Michigan professor. The documents and availability of Professor Smith were available to every single media outlet in the State and they failed to act on them.

Below are the police reports and statements regarding the case (via the Washtenaw County Watchdogs):

Then there’s the whole Taylor Lewan aspect which presents much of the same questions surrounding Brendan Gibbons. Why wasn’t this addressed?
Where was the media with Lewan? Why was he continued to be allowed to play?

So who’s to blame in what’s looking to be a big mess for the University?

First you have to look at the upper brass of the University of Michigan. Conveniently Mary Sue Coleman is gone after being presented this information by Professor Smith a while ago. What does this do to David Brandon who you assume was privy to all the information that Coleman was presented? The same goes for current head coach Brady Hoke who continued to play Gibbons let alone Taylor Lewan.

Second this is a massive failure on the hands of the Detroit media. Again it’s not like this whole story was construed by a former Michigan professor who was looking for revenge. The police reports where there. The statements were there and the media continued to not act on it. It’s understandable not wanting to get wrapped up in a conspiracy theory and risking credibility. But with the documents in place there was no conspiracy with a lot of the original story. However with more questions now being asked in terms of a possible cover up by the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor Police those conspiracy theories now have to be taken a little more to heart. And if the mainstream media was in fear of the conglomerate that is the University of Michigan there’s nothing wrong with asking some questions which by our discussion with Professor Smith wasn’t even done.


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