Victor Martinez wants to return to Tigers in 2015, knows Scherzer and Miggy contracts come first



Victor Martinez doesn’t know what the future holds for him beyond 2014, but one thing he does know is he wants to remain a Detroit Tiger.

The veteran designated hitter/occasional catcher, Martinez is entering the final year of his four-year deal with the team. And despite missing all of the 2012 season and the fact that he turned 35 last month V-Mart still hit .370 for the Tigers after June 29th providing a much needed push for an offensive lineup that saw Cabrera dealing with a nagging groin injury and Prince Fielder lacking any heart to care.

Even though he would like to stay in Detroit, Martinez does know that re-upping pitcher Max Scherzer and Cabrera come first Tom Gage of the Detroit News reports:

“I want to stay here, yes,” Martinez said. “But they have a lot going on. They have Scherzer; they have Miggy.”

Max Scherzer can be a free agent after this season, Miguel Cabrera after next.

“But you know what, man?” said Martinez. “I want to take this opportunity to thank the Tigers’ organization and all the fans, because when I had choices of where to go when I was a free agent, I came here because I felt it was the best chance to win.

“I haven’t been wrong about that. We’ve won the division, have gone to the World Series, but we still have some work to do.

“We’ll see what happens. This is a great organization that does what it needs to win.”

If Martinez has another plus season offensively the Tigers should without a doubt look into giving him another multi-year deal that doesn’t exceed the three year mark. However this is one of the obstacles and downfalls a Max Schezer contract poses. Scherzer will get paid his money and may ultimately push other cheaper guys out of town forcing the team to remain top heavy when it comes to the pitching rotation.


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