Charlie Villanueva: ‘It’s inevitable, change is needed’


Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks

Despite revamped roster the Detroit Pistons from top to bottom have been the definition of NBA embarrassing this season, even in a horrific Eastern Conference.

Last night could’ve been the breaking point (but probably not) after the team suffered an inexcusable 104-101 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks who happen to be the worst team in the NBA.

After the game, seldom used forward Charlie Villanueva tweeted out the following:

Not that anyone really cares what Villanueva tweets out, it’s still interesting considering he’s in the locker room, at the games and sometimes on the court. But was he talking about the team? Because he’s absolutely right, change is certainly needed. Or was he simply talking about the post game buffet which may need some changing too.

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