Jim Leyland says he won’t interfer with Ausmus regime



If you thought Jim Leyland is going to continue to be a fixture at Tigers spring training and in the clubhouse, you’re apparently wrong.

According to George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press, the former Tigers manager says he won’t interfere with Brad Ausmus’ team nor will he be a regular face at Spring training.

“Brad Ausmus is his own man, he has his own ideas, and that’s exactly the way it should be,” he said. “I’m not going to stick my nose in anything. If Dave Dombrowski asks me about a player, I’ll give him my opinion.”

And when it comes to those Spring Training games, Leyland says he has no plans to show up to Lakeland until games actually start. But even then he won’t be hanging around the batting cages or be in uniform.

“Really, there’s no need for me to be there,” Leyland said. “Brad is going to set the tone for his style of play as a manager and run his camp accordingly. I’m coming later when the games start, at Dave’s request, to kind of evaluate the team. But contrary to what some people think, I’m not going to be around the clubhouse or in Brad Ausmus’ hair in any way, shape or form. This is his baby, and I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I’m going to have a lot of say, because I’m not.”

Leyland however won’t be a total stranger to the team. During the offseason he took a position as Dave Dombrowski’s assistant which will require him to evaluate the team, check out some of the organization’s prospects, or perhaps scout a player the club might be interested in acquiring according to Sipple.

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