ESPN Poll: Suh and Megatron the ‘most feared’ players in the NFL



ESPN recently ran a poll of 320 NFL players on who was the most feared in the league. The results revealed that Lions DT Ndamukong Suh topped the list with 61 votes (19 percent) while his teammate Calvin Johnson came in second with 58 total votes.

Based off the skill set of both Suh and Johnson it’s certainly understandable as to why they’d be viewed as two of the most feared in the NFL. They often times gain double coverage at the line (in Suh’s case) and in the secondary (in Johnson’s case) and are extremely strong in their own right. Suh can plow his way through an offensive line and make hell for an opposing QB while going man-to-man on Megatron is almost football suicide for defensive backs.


Unfortunately the Lions couldn’t take advantage of these two phenomenal players as the team collapsed in the second half of the season, failed to make the playoffs and subsequently fired their head coach Jim Schwartz.


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