Lou Whitaker doesn’t seem too impressed by Jack Morris’ Hall of Fame candidacy (AUDIO)



This coming Wednesday the Baseball Hall of Fame will announce the 2014 class with plenty of focus on former Tigers, Twins and Blue Jays pitcher Jack Morris. The focus lies there for many fans and writers (including those in Detroit) since this is Morris’ last shot at Cooperstown via the traditional ballot (he could be selected via the Veterans Committee in 2016).

Currently a former player needs 75 percent of the vote which Morris has failed to do each and every year thus far.

And the debate rages on surrounding the accomplishments of Morris. First he’s won the most starting games of any pitchers in the 1980’s. He’s pitched 175 complete games of his 527 games started. He’s also appeared in some pretty high profile games throughout his pretty successful career.

Then there’s the con group on Morris to the Hall who cite his 3.90 ERA which would be the highest in Cooperstown if inducted.

Essentially what you have is a new school vs. old school debate something Tigers fans are no stranger too given the Miguel Cabrera vs. Mike Trout AL MVP race.

And speaking about the two sides in the debate, you’d figure former teammate Lou Whitaker would be firmly in the Morris to the Hall camp.

Well YOU WOULD think…

During an interview with Jeff Joyce and Jim Bowden on MLB Radio Network’s Inside Pitch, the Tigers former second baseman seemed to voice his real opinion on the matter.

“Jack Morris was no better than Alan Trammell-Lou Whitaker,” Whitaker said during the interview, audio of which was posted on DetroitSportsRag.com and confirmed by MLB Network Radio co-host Jim Bowden. “If we didn’t make the plays, and we didn’t come up with the big hits, Jack Morris wouldn’t be where he was, or where he is.” (Via the Detroit News)

You could also listen to the audio file (via DetroitSportsRag.com):

It was really a bizarre interview all the way around. From Whitaker calling Morris a stud in the beginning to the way Bowden and Joyce tried to end things with him (Whitaker).

h/t: DetroitSportsRag, Detroit News, The Big Lead

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