Lawrence Jackson: I don’t have a ton of respect for Jim Schwartz



Former Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson who played for the team from 2010-2012 before signing with the Minnesota Vikings dropped Twitter bombs on Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz today when asked by a fan what he (Jackson) had against him (Schwartz).

The conversation seemed to stem from Green Bay offensive lineman Josh Sitton’s comments calling the Lions “scumbags” while also ripping Schwartz for the team’s perceived dirty play around the league.

When told to elaborate, LoJack responded saying that not everyone is held to the same standard.

And finally in the whole back and fourth, Jackson basically called Schwartz a liar after an incident where the linebacker said the head coach would lie right to your face.

Perhaps Jackson is also thinking that Schwartz is trying to hard to be Bill Belichick?

This is very interesting to say the least. Especially considering we haven’t seen former players come out like this before about the current Lions coaching staff. Perhaps though there was more in the way when it came to that Reggie Bush player only meeting?

I wouldn’t make too much of this though… yet. Jackson has been known to make news via Twitter in the past. It’s just something to keep an eye on and see if anyone else speaks out about it.



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