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Denny McLain: “Ongoing Domestic Issues” led to Fielder’s departure from Detroit (AUDIO)



Former Tigers pitcher (and con artist) Denny McLain appeared on west Michigan radio show Doctor & Bentley suggesting that darker seeded “domestic issues” ultimately led to Detroit sending Prince Fielder to Texas for Ian Kinsler.

Here’s a recording of McLain’s radio spot (via Deadspin):

Although it’s not quite clear what McClain is getting at, people are going to draw their own conclusions given some of the unsavory rumors floating around regarding what happened with Prince Fielder this past season. Of course this all centers on Fielder filing for divorce this past May after eight years of marriage and McLain fueling the rumor fire by using phrases like “a lot of pain between Fielder and a player or two”, “information being withheld from Fielder that people knew about” and suggesting that a top Tigers prospect was traded to Chicago (Avisail Garcia) because of his involvement in these domestic issues.

Of course there’s plenty you have to consider one being the source it’s coming from in Denny McLain. Why should anyone trust what he has to say especially when it comes to potentially deep issues like this in the Tigers locker room this past season? Apparently according to McLain plenty of reporters new the “real story” behind this whole ordeal but were told by the Tigers organization not to write about.

With Fielder gone does this gag order set fourth by the team end?

McLain seems to think so saying that we could hear more about the real story in the coming weeks. And if McLain is really a true insider on this I guess we’ll soon find out. Plus it’s not like McLain is the only other person floating this TMZesque rumor out there. However like anything else Denny McLain you have to take whatever he says with a serious grain of salt.

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