Tigers reportedly open to trading Prince Fielder



Although the news and whispers seem very raw at this point there’s been some talk regarding the Tigers would listen to offers on first baseman Prince Fielder.

The original word came from San Francisco Chronicle beat reporter Henry Schulman who cites an ‘unnamed AL executive’.

I really wouldn’t make too much of this. First Fielder possesses a monster $214 million dollar deal with what I could assume is some sort of no trade clause. Plus at this point I’m again making the assumption that the Tigers may listen to offers for ever player on the roster not named Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and maybe Jose Iglesias.

Of course though Prince Fielder didn’t endear himself to fans too much during a season in which his offensive numbers were down and the comments he made after the Tigers’ ALCS loss to the Boston Red Sox.

“Yeah, you got to be a man about it you know. I got kids, like I said, if I’m sitting around pouting how am I going to tell them to keep their chins up or keep their heads up when something doesn’t go their way? So, yeah, definitely it’s over.”

Stay tuned.


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